Welcome to Easy Installment Loans

Now someone who is seeking for a next better opportunity to leave the old job can now fulfill his or her desire keeping financial worries on to easy installment loans. It is because this portal will help these loan seekers get hold of needed cash to carry on his or her expenses while he or she is out of job. In order to lessen botheration of unemployed borrowers during this crisis such an initiative has been taken here by us.

Loan seeker interested in getting associated with easy installment loans should post an online application instead of paper documents. Yes, there is no necessity here for the loan seeker to submit details for application directly to the lender. Moreover lender here does not even require faxes to take up the decision of loan approval. It is just lender would be able to process successfully the request of the loan seeker if valid details have been furnished in the online application.

Eligibility conditions put forth here at easy installment loans show that loan seeker will be granted loans only when he or she is of the age of an adult and is having access to an online banking account where some recent transactions have been made. It is important that conditions should be fulfilled otherwise application might also get rejected.

This portal has been designed in order to provide loan seeker an opportunity to fetch necessary funds in the form of long term payday loans Canada when he or she is in urgent need of funds to meet expenses during employment.

Considering the condition of borrowers no collaterals are demanded here at easy installment loans. So here the loan seeker is able to file in application even being a non possessor like tenant and other non home owners. Loan gaining here will not result in loss of assets like real estate or car.

We here though support credit checks but will not show denial for loan approval for loan seekers tagged in arrears, defaults, insolvency, bankruptcy, foreclosure, missed payments, late payments etc.

Rates and fees charged along with the loan sum will be little higher here. But no application and processing fees are levied on the loan seeker.

Representative Example
Total Amount of Credit: C$300
Duration of the Agreement: 30 days
Total Amount Repayable: C$370
Interest is Fixed at a rate of 296% per year
Representative APR 1737%